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A Little Dream

Live Band * Emcee * Songwriting

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This is our performance blog, which is primarily a record of our thoughts and experiences performing at weddings. We hope it will be a valuable resource for our clients too.

A joy shared is instantly doubled. Bevlyn and I have been fortunate to be able to share the joy of couples who engage us to sing for their weddings. Each wedding is unique, and we get a thrill out of performing at every one.

Bevlyn is a professional singer with extensive experience performing at weddings, corporate events and in various local pubs. She is also an avid songwriter, and has won awards for her original compositions. She took French lessons for 5 years, so she knows what she's singing about when she performs C'est Si Bon and La Vie En Rose!

I learnt the rudiments of vocal technique and control as a baritone in my school choir. Nevertheless, my real "training" was gained through hosting and performing at pubs, weddings and events since 2000.

Our band also comprises professional guitarists, keyboardists and saxophonists. Their accomplishments are too long to list here, but if you wish to know more about them, do let us know.

Our repertoire includes English and Mandarin contemporary pop, evergreens and jazz songs. Do feel free to suggest songs that we haven't done before, we're happy to learn them given enough time.

For more information about our rates and availability, feel free to write to us at livemusic@alittledream02.com

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