A Little Dream (alittledream02) wrote,
A Little Dream

Promotion for Songwriting Packages!

Who is suitable to take up a songwriting package? You are if:

- you've always wanted to compose a song for your spouse but need just a little more guidance to make a complete song

- you'd like to have a song which tells of your love story (you may even embed the song into your photo montage and share it with your wedding guests!)

- you'd like to have a special song just for the two of you!

- you have too much love and words of gratitude which you'd like to put down in a song...and surprise your spouse on your wedding/anniversary day!

- you are thinking of going the distance to serenade your spouse with a song tailor-made for the two of you.

We can write a song with you, or write a song FOR you.

Local singer-songwriter Bevlyn Khoo will be penning the song, and we're currently running a promotion which runs only until 21 February! Check out our promotion with Pledgemusic!

Check out the ''Signed CD + co-write a song with you' and 'A song specially written and recorded for you' offer!

Enjoy further discounts if you engage a live band from us!

Write in to us a alittledreamwedding@gmail.com or more information!
Tags: bevlyn, original song, promotion

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