A Little Dream (alittledream02) wrote,
A Little Dream

Bevlyn's new album 'Feel About You' now available at all major record stores

From the unmistakable voice behind the closing theme song of <<保温>> of Mediacorp’s hit television drama series Little Nyonya <<小娘惹>>, Bevlyn Khoo (邱意淋) releases her third album 'Feel About You'.This album features the never-been-released Chinese single <<保温>> and will be included as one of the three bonus tracks.

Hit single《我们要一直这么要好》(co-written with award-winning lyricist 小寒) is currently running the hit chart of Y.E.S. 933!

And here's a song you may consider singing to your bride/groom on your wedding day (“A Love Song”):

Be sure to check out other radio-friendly songs (“Just the two of us”, “You belong to me”, “Feel about you” etc...) in the album too!

Album is now available at all major record stores in Singapore and South-east Asia.
Tags: announcement, bevlyn, news, original song

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